Amanhã Não Vou Trabalhar!

La la la la la la!

Li que o dia 18 de janeiro é o dia mais deprimente deste ano, a Blue Monday. Foi por acaso, mas ainda bem que resovi não ir amanhã! Por outro lado também fiquei a saber que o dia mais feliz do ano vai ser 18 de Junho.

"We've not even got past Christmas and New Year yet, but the most depressing day of 2010 has already been identified. Something to look forward to then...

Picture the scene: It's January, Christmas is a distant memory, the credit card bills are hitting the doormat, the days are shorter, you've broken all your New Year's resolutions already, you feel de-motivated. Take heart, this is as bad as it will get: it's Blue Monday.

Psychologist Cliff Arnall has calculated that Monday 18 January will be the most depressed day of 2010, known as 'Blue Monday'. His formula uses six factors to calculate the day of the year on which people are most likely to be depressed: the weather conditions, debt level, the time since Christmas, the time since failing to keep our resolutions, low motivation levels and the pressure to take action.

Conversely Cliff, (owner of the world's most poorly designed website) says Friday 18 June 2010 will be the happiest day of the year. No idea why, it just is OK? Guru has checked and England are playing Algeria in the World Cup that day. A victory will indeed make the nation happy."

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